7 Reasons why you should NOT go on a diet

Diets are wack and you shouldn’t go on one. In this post a diet is any temporary eating plan that is meant for the purpose of losing weight. Here, we will only discuss diets whose contents and portions are healthy.

1. They aren’t fun

“Oh boy! I love dieting!

Said no one ever.

Heavily restricting yourself is pretty freakin’ unenjoyable. Why would you do something that wasn’t fun? Especially when you don’t have to? Having fun is awesome. Why wouldn’t we maximize our fun?

People want to lose weight to improve their quality of life. If you become miserable trying to improve your quality of life, what’s the point?

2. They are difficult to follow

This is because they aren’t fun. If something isn’t fun, we have a much harder time getting ourselves to do it.

The more restrictive a diet is, the more willpower it takes to stay on said diet. The claimed benefits of a diet, even if scientifically sound and healthy, don’t matter if you don’t follow the diet because it requires too much thinking and willpower.

3. They aren’t healthy

The term diet in the context of this piece (“going on a diet” as opposed to “the diet of a Brachiosaurus was composed of vegetation”) is temporary.

A diet will be followed until 10 lbs are dropped then it will be abandoned. This often results in the weight being gained back within a few months. Then he/she will go back on the diet and the cycle repeats itself. This “yoyoing” is much more unhealthy than being a tad overweight. This is even assuming the diet is healthy and not some ludacris 1000 calorie a day bullshit.

4.They make the problem worse

The toll of these diets is not just physical. Yoyoing can wear you down mentally as well and contribute to more negative self talk. The mental and physical play off of one another. This means all this physical instability will cause mental instability and vice versa.

The cycle of dieting is more of a downward spiral rather than a circle.

5. They don’t teach you anything

You don’t actually learn how your body works by following some one size fits all short term diet. So of course you gain the weight back. You must learn what works for you physically and mentally to actually keep you healthy and fit.

Learning happens through experimentation. The process of trial and error, of building habits through victories and failures, is absent in rigid, spoon-fed diets. How can you learn from your mistakes if you aren’t even making your own choices?

People are overweight because they don’t know how to make healthy choices, even if they know what those healthy choices are. Following a diet does not teach you the most important factor in losing weight and keeping It off: how to choose.

6. They aren’t sustainable

As mentioned earlier, diets are a temporary quick fix. I’m guessing you want to be fit, healthy and hawwwt your whole life. Given that, having a short term fix rather than a long term solution is not what you want. Even the most steadfast wills can only stay on restrictive diets for so long.

This also relates back to the previous point. With a diet, you haven’t instilled the ability to choose healthily in the long term.

7. They won’t make you happy

This is why you want to love your body image! To be happy! Everything relates back to this! Find a nutrition program that you actually want to do for the rest of your life, one that makes you happy, because that is the bottom line.

8. You deserve better

You deserve to live outside of the pitfalls of dieting. You deserve to have a healthy relationship with food, and have a positive perception of your body. Ditch the diets, enjoy food, and live a healthy, happy life. Yolo.


One thought on “7 Reasons why you should NOT go on a diet

  1. Good read. It’s refreshing to hear people talk about how diets are actually bad for you. So many people don’t realize that. It’s really about managing portion size, eating healthy, and exercising. And staying away from nasty processed foods that are full of GMO’s and preservatives. 🙂 Wonderful post. Thank you.

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