Why your diet isn’t working

The Missing Piece in Every Diet

There is a reason why nothing seems to work. There is a reason why time after time you fail to stay on a diet and lose weight.

Every single fad diet that bursts onto the scene like the cool aid guy, leaving a path of destruction and broken dreams in its wake, has AT LEAST one common flaw. This common thread, this missing piece in the weight loss puzzle, is PSY…


chology! Psychology!

One of the Many Problems with Dieting

We are all human. We do things because our brains tell us to.

Extreme diets fail to take into account the root motivation behind action. Actions are a physical manifestation of our mental state, right? Still following me?

These diets assume the problem is a lack of knowledge. In reality, the problem stems from the decision making process. We already know what unhealthy decisions are made. We need to know why unhealthy decisions are made.

Anything that calls itself a “diet” fails to make itself sustainable. They fail to take into account the willpower required to actually adhere to said diet’s restrictions. Sure you’ll lose fat, in addition to muscle, health, and sanity, if you only eat 1000 calories a day. However, who’s brain will actually let them do that for longer than a few weeks?

There are many different diet programs that will result in weight loss. However, if you can’t actually follow through with the program because it is unnaturally restrictive, the potential of the diet doesn’t mean squat, or deadlift for that matter. Note that this is assuming that these diets aren’t total gimmicks, and that they actually result in weight loss without killing you. The promised results are unrealistic because the diets are unrealistic.

They Should be Called Crash and Burn Diets.

The best diet (I hate the word “diet” btdubs; blog post coming soon) is one that you can actually do and want to do for the rest of your life.#h3@lthy4Lyf3

Weight loss and lifestyle change is a marathon not a sprint.

You need to find a nutrition program that is easy and sustainable in the long term. This is done by slowly building up healthy habits over time, not drastic restrictions that will stress you out and cause you to fall back into old habits.



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