Women’s difficulty with pull-ups is about more than biology

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Fit and Feminist

Being a regular consumer of mainstream news means I am well-acquainted with the sensation of feeling angry or frustrated by the talking heads on my television/computer/smartphone, but few things have made me cringe in recent memory like the flood of commentary that greeted the Marine Corps’ revelation that 55 percent of its female recruits could not meet the new standard of three pull-ups when tested at the end of boot camp.

I’ve read one comment section on this story and that was plenty. I am pretty sure I’ve had enough “see? we told you women were genetically inferior weaklings suited only for making me a sandwich” bullshit to fill my tank well into the next decade.  (Of course, that nearly half of those women tested WERE able to meet the standard throws a wrench in the whole “wimminz r weak, hyuk hyuk” routine, but hey, don’t let facts get in…

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