Why you should eat junk food (sometimes)

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Energy bars are essentially candy bars fortified with vitamins. Can we all agree on that?

I.e. energy bars can easily fit into the “crap” category of food, the crap-egory, if you will.

That said, I eat the living shit out of energy bars on the daily. I know that I could be eating more nutritious foods instead, but I don’t.
Let me tell you a story.

Falling off a Clif

Once upon a time, I realized that I ate too many energy bars, and that I ought to stop in the name of performance and health.

So I stopped eating the rectangular blocks of rice syrup and soy protein isolate. The outcome of this endeavor kind of looked like this:


Instead of eating healthier foods I ended up regularly treating myself to straight up desserts, desserts that had waaay more empty calories.

Remember, how I said healthy eating is…

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