Stop Neglecting this for Better Fat Loss Results

From a very basic understanding, weight loss is about wanting to look better. Looking better often entails desiring some sort of change in body shape, shape shifting, if you will.


Regretably, I can’t help people who want to turn into a dolphin. Such a bummer!

Note: When I say “looking better”, I mean “being happy about your body”. I am not saying that there is any right or wrong way to look so long as you like the way you look.

If the only concern is about the near-arbitrary number on the scale, weight loss is pretty simple (I didn’t say easy). With a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. That’s just science, yo.

Weight loss is simple, looking better is not quite as simple. This implies that weight loss and looking better are not necessarily the same thing.

And now I ask you this:

How would you feel if you lost 15lbs, but were still built the same, with the same proportions – just smaller? Would you be completely happy with your appearance and the spoils of all your efforts?

Losing 15lbs is no small feat no matter how you spin it. However, there is a big difference in visible outcomes when comparing weight loss from diet alone vs. diet + resistance training. The purpose of this post is to convince you that the latter option will produce more favorable results. In other words, I want you to lift weights. Here’s why:

Weight Training can give you Better Shape

What builds muscle keeps muscle. A caloric deficit without strength training will eat up both fat and muscle. The end result will be a lighter version of you, but lacking that coveted “lean and toned” look. Tone comes from a high muscle-to-fat ratio and to have that, you need muscle. Go figure. Lifting all the things will preserve muscle so that when the fat comes off, your shape will be different.


The Deal with “Bulking”

Many exercise junkies who don’t lift do so out of fear. Fear of what? You ask. The petrifying fear of…

Bulking Up

Here’s the thing: bulking up is haaaaaard. If it was easy, every men’s fitness magazine would be out of business.

The truth is that many a dude tries to bulk up and fails miserably; I’m talkin’ like as miserably as Jek Porkins was at destroying the Death Star.

Considering that it is much easier for us gentlemen compared to the ladies, it sure as shit isn’t going to happen on accident for either gender, least of all for women. I only bring up gender because it is typically women who are afraid of gettin’ too #swolo.

Your body is incapable of transforming into an overly jacked heathen in the absence of a caloric surplus (consuming more calories than burning). For weight loss, there shouldn’t be a caloric surplus anyway. With the nutrition part dialed in, you still wouldn’t bulk up even if your strength program was designed for bulking.

Strength Training is More Efficient/Awesome than Steady State Cardio

Picking up heavy inanimate objects has the added bonus of being a more efficient calorie burner than long grueling cardio sessions. Exercise should never be the main tool for weight loss/caloric deficit, but burning a few extra calories throughout the day sure doesn’t hurt and gives you a little more wiggle room.

More Fun=More Consistency= More Results

Just like nutrition, if something is enjoyable, you are more likely to do it consistently. The best workout is the workout you do.

Strength training offers not only variety, but also the satisfaction of getting stronger. I am obviously biased, but the latter is what I have noticed gets people hooked.

A style of workout that is more engaging is more likely to stick. Even if you’re strength program isn’t perfect, you will still see results from a decent program if performed for long enough. Noticing increased strength after only a few weeks often switches on a few lightbulbs which leads to stokedness(yes, it’s a word), and consequently, consistency. Consistency==> long term results/success. Bam!

Wrapping Up

While there are many more reasons go pick up something heavy and put it down, these are a few of the more important ones for fat loss in my humble opinion.

So what you waiting for? Go lift something!

Questions or comments? Drop a line below!


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