3 Things you Need to Stop Stressing Over

A great poet once declared:

“No stress, no seeds, no stems, no sticks!”

You see, Snoop Lion knows that lack of stress is paramount. That’s why he mentions it first. While an absence of seeds or sticks might be worthy of mention, the absence of stress is most important in the pursuit of “sticky icky icky” (Sticky icky icky obviously meaning happiness with oneself.) While it is important to limit stress for happiness in general, it is especially important in the context of weight loss. Here are 3 things you should stop trippin’ over as you go through your weight loss journey.


Your Diet

A non-stressful diet will be more successful. Constantly freaking out about food is wack, maybe even wiggidy-wack. More importantly, a stressful diet will not build the healthy relationship with food that you need to become and to stay lean.

Don’t make your diet so strict that it becomes a pain in the bum. And if a diet is so strict that it is impossible to follow, it doesn’t do any good anyways. This leads us to our next point…

 100% compliance

Quick results can easily be obtained with 80% compliance to a well designed diet program. This other 20% serves to make life enjoyable and prevent the deprived feeling that leads to binging. Perfection is not required to lose weight. Only good enough is required.


Try to make your strategy as simple and easy as possible. The less you have to worry about the better.

Don’t worry about getting every little thing exact. Ballpark that shit.

Putting too much thought into minor details takes away attention from the things that matter.  Don’t flip your wig about putting a little salt on something or trying to get your protein-to-fat ratio exact. These sorts of things will not make or break your diet, so stop trippin’ over them and relax. Focus your efforts instead on making sure you get your veggies in.

Stressing over relatively insignificant details will only take precious energy away from fulfilling the important components of a healthy weight loss diet.


Stress is inevitable sometimes. That said, we should avoid stress when we can, or divert it into some other facet. Dieting can be hard enough. By not worrying about these 3 things above you will make your diet program much easier and ultimately more effective, which is what you want.


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