Getting Sexy Definitely ain’t Sexy

First off, sexy means what you want it to mean. It means whatever physique you aspire to. Personally, I do not subscribe to any concrete, or mainstream conception of beauty or attractiveness. Want to look like Brad Pitt in Fight Club? Cool! Oh, you don’t? That’s cool too! I’m not here to tell you what physique you should want. It’s your body – do whatever the hell you want with it. That said, since you’re reading a fitness blog, I’ll assume you would like to change your physique through some combination of losing weight and building muscle. The truth of the matter is that the best way to get sexy definitely ain’t sexy.

Getting jacked or toned or whatever is pretty simple, really. Sure there are nuances that can optimize your progress, but optimal isn’t necessary or practical unless you’re a professional athlete. Pretty good is good enough. So let’s strive for pretty good rather than optimal/perfect. For more on achieving “pretty good”, check out this post:

Eat vegetables, sleep well, and train hard. Do this consistently and you will see results. Not sexy, huh? No one is going to buy that! Ok, let me try again.

The perfect formula for weight loss: the right combination of blueberries, dodo bird extract, and zebra gelatin incinerates fat at an unbelievable rate! Lose 20lbs in a week! Because the dodo is extinct, this formula has remained a secret until some frozen dodos were unearthed this year. This could be the missing link to the perfect body.

Better? This example may sound absurd, but this is exactly the type of sensationalism used in various media outlets to take people’s money. It’s much more marketable than telling people they actually have to work hard over time. Furthermore, us humans don’t like being told we are to blame for our current situation. Telling someone to stop eating pizza everyday implies that it is their fault they are overweight, and can cause a backlash that might push them away from buying your product.

The downside to this is the current state of the fitness industry, where no one knows how to sift through all of the crap that becomes trendy. With obesity rates at an all-time high, a plague of misinformation is downright dangerous.

The methods that work for weight loss sound boring – too boring – and unsensational to work. To reiterate: lift heavy stuff, eat more plants, and sleep 8 hours a night. This stuff has worked for centuries, and it still works. I know it sucks to hear, but there is no magic pill or miracle method. Getting in the shape you want requires effort, prioritization, and above all, consistency. Simple as that.

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