What Are You Waiting For?

Long ago, I had a client tell me that every morning, upon waking up she wondered if she would be successful in her endeavors. Every morning she was unsure if she would eat well or not.

Now, this client had already kicked some pretty major butt and had made HUGE strides, but we had hit a plateau and weren’t getting closer to her goals. Her mindset needed to change if she was to move forward.

Her confidence in her ability to make good decisions was virtually absent. She had told me that she had no idea why she wasn’t committed and hoped she would become motivated soon.

Notice the distance she placed between herself and her choices. Her language implies that she felt her actions aren’t her own, that her actions were completely determined by the outside world, or by chance or something similiar.

The problem was that she was waiting, and expecting, to become motivated by some thing, some unknown event. However, she already had a lot of serious weight related health problems, so the “rock bottom” event had already happened, several times.

No, waiting around for a health emergency was certainly not an option. We had to get her to view her situation differently if she was to get to a healthy weight.

The problem of the waiting game

It’s not uncommon to think motivation just happens, then shit just automatically gets done. And maybe that’s true at times, but motivation never lasts for long.

The problem with this thinking is that it is irresponsible and fatalistic. What I mean by that is that it places no responsibility on the individual for their actions. It puts their fate in the hands of chance, of an external world that we have absolutely no goddamn control over. It’s impossible to control the world, but you can control how you interact within it. You can’t control where the roads go, but you can choose which road to drive on.

Taking charge and being a responsible adult

Now, a mindset change is not something that happens overnight, no matter how amazing of a blog you read 😉 so be patient.

Those who are the most successful are those who consistently work towards their goals, regardless of how motivated they feel. Motivation is fleeting, so depending on it for progress is a strategy doomed to fail.

To be successful you need to take responsibility over your actions. Being responsible means viewing your choices objectively by removing emotion from the picture. Because here’s the thing: the scientific principles governing weight loss never change, regardless of how you feel or what you think. A good scientist will not let his/her opinions influence their interpretation of data. To lose weight you need to be a good scientist.


So being responsible means not judging your worth for eating off plan, but accepting that it wasn’t the best decision and attempting to do better next time. Letting emotions facilitate a dishonest conclusion isn’t productive.

We can boil down responsibility and success to two things:



In conclusion, consistently improve your habits(even if it’s just by a little bit), no matter what. Do this by being honest with yourself about your choices by remaining an objective scientist. Voila! Simple, but necessary and effective.

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