Things You Should Stop Worrying About

Anyone who knows me, knows how I feel about minutia:

I hate it!

Or rather, I hate when people focus on minutia rather than the big picture.

The aim of this post is to get you to stop overthinking weight loss. Weight loss nutrition is really as simple as eat more vegetables, eat more protein, eat less crap. Note that I didn’t say it was easy, I said it was SIMPLE. The basics are the basics for a reason. Until you have mastered basics, you have no business fretting about specifics and tiny details such as the examples I discuss below.

Sweet potatoes vs. white potatoes

Nutritionally they’re basically the same. Don’t believe me? Read this Now, many people prefer sweet potatoes anyways, which is fine. Just don’t think you’re doing yourself any favors by getting sweet potato fries instead of standard.

Besides, potatoes are awesome for weight loss. They are vegetables after all. Potatoes by themselves are very filling, nutritious and light on calories.


Ah, but what do you put on top of potatoes? Gravy? Sour cream? Butter? Bacon? Cheese? All of the above? Maybe it’s those things that are the problem, not the damn 168 calorie potato.

The main point of this section is to elucidate that, while there are differences between healthy foods, they probably won’t have any noticeable affect on your weight loss. This brings me to my next point.

Super foods

The way certain foods get hyped up while others get demonized is bonkers. As usual, the truth isn’t quite so black and white and lies somewhere in the middle.

While vegetables do indeed have different nutritional profiles, they’re all pretty damn good for you. The most important quality for a vegetable to have is that you enjoy eating it. If you hate eating a vegetable, don’t. I don’t care if your yoga instructor told you kale was the next reincarnation of the Buddha, if you think it tastes like a festering pile of trash there’s no need.

Find veggies you like, and eat those…a lot. Consistency is necessary, specific foods aren’t.


If your doc tells you to chill off the sodium, by all means, worry away. However, if your doc hasn’t, don’t waste your energy. Weight loss is a calories game, and if putting a little extra salt on your potatoes prevents you from dousing them in bacon infused sour cream, then go for it.


Same drill as the last section. If you have celiacs or an allergy, don’t eat gluten. However, we’re talking about weight loss here, in which case gluten doesn’t directly cause weight gain. Now, a lot of things that have gluten can:cupcakes, pizza, pancakes etc. Gluten free helps some folks lose weight, because it forces them to cut out all the crap.

However, now that gluten free is super duper mainstream there are tons of options for gluten free junk food. This means that gluten free will only result in weight loss if you do it right and mainly eat protein and veggies.

Gluten free junk food is still junk food and never tastes as good anyways.

There’s a fine line between laziness and efficiency. Weight loss is difficult enough without unnecessary complications. Tuning out the static will simplify your weight loss strategy and make it more efficient. The irony is that being “lazy” with your weight loss is more effective than hard work.

Mind. Blown.

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