5 Tips to Maximize your Workouts

Short and sweet post today, ok maybe not so sweet. Close enough.

Have a good reason for everything you’re doing

Random workouts produce random results. If you’re doing an exercise, you should be able to explain why you are doing it in a sentence or two. And if you don’t know why you’re doing an exercise, then it’s probably not worth your time.


Now that you know the reasons behind your workout, it’s time to prioritize. Whatever is most important for your goals, do first. For example, if my goal is to get stronger, I’m going to do heavy deadlifts or squats first in the workout, or if I want to make my butt bigger I’m going to do glute bridges or hip thrusts before anything else. This way you work these lifts when you have the most energy and focus.

Limit the number of exercises you do per workout

Put a ceiling on how many exercises you perform in a workout. This ensures that you aren’t slacking on any of your big lifts, and that you aren’t dicking around when you could be spending that energy improving your nutrition(who doesn’t need some work in this area?). In other words, this prevents majoring in the minors. When you are limited to 5 exercises a workout, you’re probably going to choose your exercises more carefully and push them harder. If you only have 5 exercises and you choose the adductor machine, I’m sorry but I can’t help you, unless you’re The Rock, in which case, do whatever the hell you want.

the rock adductor

Do your mobility work during rest periods

Most of us could use a little mobility work. Some of us are doing too damn much mobility work. Not that mobility is a bad thing, but when you spend most of your gym time not lifting then we have a problem. Nobody ever got sexy doing mobility drills. You know what does get people sexy? Lifting heavy shit a bunch of times.

That said, if you have a good reason for doing certain mobility drills, doing them while you rest is a good way to use your gym time efficiently. It’s certainly more productive than twiddling your thumbs or checking your Tinder account in between sets.

Do farmer walks

Grab 2 really heavy dumbbells and walk around for a few minutes, then get back to me. If you still don’t know what farmer walks do after that I’ll finish writing this section.


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