Weekly Fitness Reads

The internet is a scary place when it comes to information, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. One google search can give you a million conflicting opinions. Sifting through the mess can be a difficult, confusing endeavor. Ain’t nobody got time for that, well, almost nobody. I do, in fact, have time for that. In this new weekly post, I’ll do the work for you and provide you with some of the finest articles from the far reaches of the fitness blogosphere.

Without further adieu, here are your weekly fitness reads.


Protein, the only macronutrient that people don’t freak out over. But how much should we actually be consuming? Look no further.


Grains are a surprisingly divisive topic. With the rise of paleo, our poor little friends, the grains who catalyzed civilization through the advent of agriculture, have been getting a lot of flack.This piece tackles the wheat debate head on. Precision Nutrition produces yet another quality piece here that is thorough, scientific, balanced, and digestible.


So there’s apparently a new book, and accompanying article, that claims(falsely, I might add) that obesity is in fact totally healthy and that the whole idea of weight loss is a scam to make tons of money. While the weight loss industry definitely has a ton of problems, that doesn’t mean weight loss is impossible or that it will not yield better health markers in obese individuals.

Here’s the other thing: you can be unhealthy if you want to. That’s your decision to make. Spreading lies and poorly interpreted science does not help anyone have a better relationship with their bodies. The only person this helps is the author, who will probably make a decent chunk of change telling people what they want to hear. Ok, rant over. I’ll leave the rest of the talking to the author of this piece.

This article does a pretty bang up job of debunking the author’s claims, among them being that “weight loss is impossible”. The argument sounds strikingly familiar to this onion article http://www.theonion.com/articles/new-study-finds-it-is-impossible-to-lose-weight-no,32770/ except this time it’s not satire.


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