Weekly Fitness Reads: 4/22/15

The internet is a scary place when it comes to information, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. One google search can give you a million conflicting opinions. Sifting through the mess can be a difficult, confusing endeavor. Ain’t nobody got time for that, well almost nobody. I do have time for that. In this new weekly post, I’ll do the work for you and provide you with some of the finest articles from the far reaches of the fitness blogosphere.


Dean Somerset is probably a wizard. I had the privilege of meeting him at The Norcal Fitness Summit last year. In a matter of minutes he figured out why, for many months, I had been experiencing hip pain during deadlifts. After being coached by Dean for a grand total of 5 minutes I have been able to deadlift pain free ever since. Dean continues to produce amazing work and is great resource especially when it comes developing quality movement and working around pain. This piece is no different. Give these 3 mobility drills a try to get more bang for your buck out of life.


I’m all about principles when it comes to strength training. Learning to apply principles, in my mind, is much more important than memorizing minute details. This post gives some no nonsense principles you should definitely learn if you want to get strong.


Adam Bornstein being a great writer and one of the top names in the fitness industry for a reason. This article demonstrates why by eloquently providing some solid perspective on balancing workouts with the rest of life. Read it.


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