Exercise is a Dumb Way to Lose Weight

Nobody likes math, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant.

Weight loss is math, it’s a numbers game. True, there are some nuances, but in the grand scheme of things, they hold little significance. You will not lose weight if you are consuming more calories than you are burning. This fact has mislead a lot of people to overemphasize the calorie burning part and devote 27 hours a day to the elliptical. Despite never seeing results from the tireless devotion to ellipticles(greek god of cardio), these hardworking folks conclude their lack of success is because they need MORE cardio. Yet, despite working harder, no progress is seen. This a tragedy on par with Oedipus Rex, as this results in more disappointment and feelings of inadequacy. The conclusion is often, naturally, that EVEN MORE cardio is needed. The truth is that their hard work is misplaced. A better god to pray to would be vegetables(pronounced veh-geh-taw-blees), the greek god of nutrition.

We’ve all been fed the bullshit that how hard you work is proportional to the success you have #’Murica! and this mentality trickles into how people few their fitness endeavors. Now, as Soulja Boy’s rise to power proves, success and effort are not proportionally linked.


Truly, the people who see themselves as not being disciplined enough to lose weight are some of the most disciplined I’ve ever encountered. You have to be pretty damn disciplined to spend hours doing something you hate because you think you ought to. The problem here is misplaced effort–working harder rather than working smarter.

Just to reiterate, to lose weight a caloric deficit needs to happen, and exercise alone is a very inefficient way to do this. Working out just doesn’t burn that many calories. Don’t get me wrong, it does burn calories, just not enough to prompt weight loss if you eat like an a-hole.

Let’s say I destroy myself with a really hard workout. I would guess this would only burn about 600 calories, more or less. This may sound like a lot, but I just spent an hour of time an effort on that nonsense. Plus, this number includes the calories my body was already burning just to keep me alive. If I hit up the doughnut shop, or a burger joint, or a taqueria, or a pizza shop on the way home I can easily eat back those 600 calories in a minute, 5 minutes tops.

From a time and mental energy standpoint this is very wasteful and inefficient. The extra hour on the treadmill would be better served creating a solid meal plan for the week. It’s much easier to not eat the extra calories to begin with than to try and burn them off. Weight loss isn’t about increasing your metabolism, it’s about working with the metabolism you have.

To be clear, this isn’t an argument against exercise, it’s an argument to leverage your time and energy efficiently to get the results you want. If something isn’t working for you, ditch it.


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