The Long Forgotten Concept of Enough

Enough is important. Enough is probably where you want to be. Enough comes a bit before too much.

Unfortunately, nobody seems to knows what  enough is these days.

How good should my diet be?

Good enough.

How often should I work out?

Often enough

How flexible should I be?

Flexible enough

How many examples should I provide to get my point across?

Enough examples

The concept of enough seems to have been drowned out amidst a sea of extremes. Everything in popular fitness ideology promotes more. If you aren’t losing weight, diet more. Work out more. Work out harder. etc. Being “hardcore” is much more sexy than being moderate, which I call being efficient. Why put in more effort than I need to?

Most things pertaining to fitness are governed by the law of diminishing returns. At a certain point, adding more starts to not be as productive as it was. Eventually, if you keep adding more, it becomes counterproductive. Lifting 2 days a week is great. Lifting 3 days a week is better. Lifting 4 days a week is probably better, but by a smaller margin. 5 days a week in most cases is not as good as 4 days.

More is not always better. Often times, more is just more.

Figuring out where enough is can have profound effects on your progress.  I encourage you to take the time to consider where enough is, and if you keep wanting to add more, why?

This post is pretty short, but I’d say it’s long enough.


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