Guilt is Useless

Oddly enough, I probably hear the word “guilty” used to describe feelings about food more often than morality or law.

Beating yourself up and feeling guilty about your food choices is not only an unpleasant feeling, but is completely counterproductive. Note that I didn’t say it was unproductive, I said it was counterproductive. By beating yourself up you are driving yourself away from making better food choices in the future, creating a vicious cycle of guilt and poor decisions.

Confidence in your ability to make good decisions is extremely important if you are to…well… make good decisions. When you don’t think you can do something, you won’t. When you view your choices as a character flaw in you, rather than a mistake, you are further convincing yourself that it is impossible to make the right dietary choices. So what’s the point in trying? Why would put in the effort if you “know” that it’s all for nought?

What we say to ourselves matters. So if you constantly tell yourself you are incapable of something, it’s going to be pretty easy to convince yourself that any attempt at change is futile and thus not worth the energy. It may sound cliche, but positive self-talk really is important when it comes to keeping yourself motivated. Even if you don’t truly believe you have what it takes to achieve your goals, I still recommend you start thinking as though you do. Basically, fake it ’til you make it. If you pretend like you are confident in your abilities, eventually that confidence will be sincere.

The key to weight loss is consistency. However, to achieve that consistency, you must be confident that you can do so! Furthermore, guilt shouldn’t be associated with food choices. Eating junk food, while bad for weight loss, is no reason for some sort of internal Spanish Inquisition.

Regardless of any practicality behind disassociating guilt from food choices, it is simply a farce to project our self worth on our food choices. We are creatures of habit, and our diets are definitely no exception to this. Healthy people are not better or more disciplined than unhealthy people. They simply have healthier habits, which subconsciously makes it immensely easier for them to choose healthy options.

Now, you are just as able as anybody to change their your for the healthier. To do this you need to not only use a smart habit building strategy, but to start identifying yourself as a healthy, fit, person, even if you don’t quite fully feel you are there yet. Once again, fake it ’til you make it. Besides, if you are making progress towards a fitness related goal in any capacity(building habits takes time and small changes, patience young padawan) then you can honestly say you are acting in accordance with your health and fitness priorities. If that doesn’t describe a healthy, fit, person, I don’t know what does.



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