Weekly Fitness Reads: 6/29/15

Holy WOW! What a weekend! The monumental Supreme Court case decision to legalize gay marriage nationwide, coupled with the Motivate Oak summit I have to say this weekend probably had some of the most positive vibes OF ALL TIME!

of all time

I learned a metric shit-ton this weekend and my mind is still racing trying to take it all in. If you are a coach of any sort, I would say attending at least one Motivate summit is NECESSARY, that’s how awesome it was.

And here we go with this week’s fitness reads! Enjoy!


Certain ideas seem to be better when in comic form. The question, “Is obesity a choice?” is addressed here with what I think is needed in the health industry, a fluid integration of empathy/humanity and solid science.


I gotta say some of the European customs she describes sound very appealing to me. Why don’t we tea time!!!?!?!?! Beyond this article causing me to lament the lack of certain European customs here in the States, this piece provides some awesome perspective and actionable ways to decrease stress.

Now this isn’t a read, but I’m including it anyways because it’s awesome and #yolo. Warning: strong language


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