The Do-Whatever-the-F#@$-You-Want Diet

A diet, in it’s most common usage is, at it’s root, simply a bunch of rules or restrictions surrounding food.

As a culture, we project sooo much more meaning onto this seemingly bland word(pun intended, get it? cus diet’s are usually bland! GET IT?!).

The language used to describe food choices often has a moral, almost puritanical tinge to it.

“I’m trying to be good”

“Oh I was really bad this weekend”

“I felt really guilty after that cupcake”

The underlying moral connotation of this language can project a lot of emotional significance on our food choices. These choices can seem more than just habitual decisions that happen to have some effect, desired or otherwise, on our bodies, but become indicators that we are undisciplined and inadequate. “I didn’t follow the unrealistic rules of some diet, therefore I suck.”

Here’s the thing though: the rules are all made up. They are self imposed i.e. no one can make you follow them other than yourself. You won’t get punished by the government, your school, or anyone else. You don’t HAVE to eat anyway you don’t want to. You really can eat whatever the flying fuck you want(except for maybe people, probably don’t eat that). I certainly won’t stop you.

Yes, dietary choices are what mainly drives physique change, but maybe physique shouldn’t be the only thing we have in mind when we eat. This weekend, someone put it really well in saying,”It depends on what your goal is at that moment. Sometimes my goal isn’t to lose weight; sometimes my goal is to enjoy the fuck out of some Ben & Jerry’s!”. I couldn’t agree more.

ben and jerry

Each decision we make will have some sort of affect. Duh. And it’s true, certain foods are better for fat loss and physical health *cough cough*vegetables * cough cough*, but manifesting rules, often arbitrary, won’t make you more successful in your endeavors. If you eat a certain way for a long period of time, it’s because you are in the habit, and you want to do so at some level, and that’s ok. In other words, no one is holding a gun to your head telling you to stop eating gluten. How you eat is ultimately your choice. I’ll say it again because this is important:

How you eat is ultimately your choice.

If you want to start eating a bit healthier, cool. What can I do to help? If you don’t, that’s cool too.

While it’s my job to help people who want to get fitter and healthier, there is more to life than having a six pack or whatever. It’s just food after all.


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