Fitness is Only One Thing out of a lot of Things

There is much more to life than having a low body fat percentage.

Keep in mind this post isn’t meant to tell you what your goals should be. And I do, in fact, think that reaching your physique goals in a both mentally and physically healthy way has an enormous transfer to other aspects of life. If you are healthy and fit(whatever that means to you) it can lead to a more fulfilling life. A vacation is much more enjoyable when you are happy and confident with your body in a swimsuit, or when you don’t hesitate to hike up that volcano because you are 100% sure you’re fit for the task. And having daily tasks such as carrying the groceries or moving your couch become easier after a few months of lifting will certainly improve your quality of life. However, fitness is only one aspect of life.

As a society we project of our collective issues onto body image. As I’ve been saying a lot lately, your physique has little to no bearing on how you are deep down as a person. In our image obsessed culture, it can seem like having a flat stomach is the end-all be-all of a meaningful existence. The reality is that this is just one part of life. Your fitness will not always come first, and it shouldn’t! If your son has been in the hospital all week, I would HOPE you missed your workout.

We all have different priorities, and that’s OK. Maybe you are struggling with your fitness, but there is probably something else that is going pretty well for you. Maybe you’re an awesome parent, or you’re really happy with your career, or you get to travel the world etc. In my eyes, life is about more than having a 6 pack, or deadlifting a metric shitton(Ok maybe this is all life is about), or losing that last 5 lbs. That’s not to say that you can’t have balance, but that’s just it: BALANCE. Having fitness be your only priority is not balance.


The point is that life is insane and that it’s ok, and normal, to put other things first. Now, obviously your physique is going to store or burn calories the same regardless of what is going on in your personal life. Coming to terms with this is important to prevent frustration during these times.And it’s true that those who are the most successful with physique change stick to their regimen no matter what, but for them that’s a sacrifice they are willing to make. Just because that is not as big of a priority for you doesn’t mean you are any less of a person.

If you like fitness to always be center stage, awesome; you’re probably more jacked than me and that’s great that you reached and maintained your goals. Personally, I think that in the grand scheme of things that there are many things that are much more important to me. In an ideal situation, everything good in our lives complements everything else. A fit lifestyle allows me to enjoy my vacation more, rather than hinder my enjoyment by making me hyper conscious of how not healthy rum is.

That said, fitness is only one thing in the sea of things that is life. Sometimes other things are more important, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.


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