Weekly Fitness Reads: 9/20/15

The internet is a scary place when it comes to information, especially when it comes to fitness and nutrition. One google search can give you a million conflicting opinions. Sifting through the mess can be a difficult, confusing endeavor. Ain’t nobody got time for that, well almost nobody. I do have time for that. In this weekly post, I’ll do the work for you and provide you with some of the finest articles from the far reaches of the fitness blogosphere.


Anyone who has met me in a gym setting probably knows how I feel about deadlifts. If you haven’t had this privilege 😛 I’ll give you a hint: I like them…A LOT! The foundation of a proper deadlift is a good hip hinge. “What in tarnation is a hip hinge?!” you might say(in those words verbatim, I’m sure). This article will give you everything thing you need to know to start deadlifting without catapulting your spleen across the room


I’m always pretty shocked when potential clients tell me they want to work with me 5 or 6 days a week. I somehow keep forgetting that this is what our media and culture tend to perpetuate, the idea that more is better. Much to their surprise, I tell them that’s not necessary and potentially counterproductive. Well, if more isn’t  always better, how much should you workout for fat loss? This piece examines that question with the nuance that we all know and love.


It’s pretty easy to want to lose weight faster, regardless of how fast you are already losing. Every diet seems to promise extremely rapid fat loss, so it makes sense that folks would feel discouraged when they “only” lose 3 pounds in a month. Georgie does a great job of discussing why slower progress is often better. Note: 3 pounds a month consistently is pretty damn fast progress in my opinion.


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