Weekly Fitness Reads: 8/10/15


This is an amazing first hand account of what it takes to lose a huge amount of weight. While a difficult endeavor, it is certainly not impossible. Here are two important principles that will give more perspective than any amount of knowledge the scientific specifics of weight loss. Granted, the author and I have some differing thoughts on moderation, but I certainly have no right to deny her experience and what worked for her.


I’ve been saying this for a while, and these 2 short videos explain the topic pretty well. It seems to be common “knowledge” that stretching is the answer all things including muscle tightness, injury prevention and stopping global warming. That said, stretching is overrated and usually doesn’t fix anything.


As a neurotic bloke who likes kim-chi, and nerds the eff out on reviews of scientific studies, I was pretty intrigued by the title of this piece. And given that this comes from Examine you know it will be an unbiased, solid piece, with all the nuance and uncertainty that Examine.com is known for.


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