The Piece of Diet Advice that Everyone Knows…and Ignores

Us proud Americans spend way too much time thinking about which foods are healthy or not.

I recent study found that out of several western countries, that Americans were the most obsessed with health, yet were the most unhealthy.

We put in the most effort, yet reap the least benefits. Something is very wrong here.

As an example of the ubiquitousness of health obsession in the collective consciousness, gluten is now a household word. Granted, most people, including those who have decided it is the cause of everything terrible that has ever happened to humanity from furbies to Donald Trump to global warming, don’t actually know what gluten is, but that’s beside the point.

Most people, “know” what to eat to be healthy, yet pretend like they don’t.

The answer is eat more vegetables

Everybody knows this. Dietary health is honestly as simple as that, and don’t act like this is new information. You have known this since you were but a wee lad/lass. And don’t tell me to explain why veggies are the answer, because you know damn well an explanation is unwarranted.

Eat more plants. That’s all there is to it, and hold the bacon(most of the time).


Why people choose to ignore the advice of their loving mothers is beyond me. Perhaps vegetables aren’t as sexy as a 3 day cleanse where you consume nothing but Capybara blood and goji berries. Perhaps it seems to simple, too easy. Who knows? It seems kind of irrelevant at this point.


This is a Capybara. It’s basically a giant guinea pig. And the babies are basically tiny giant guinea pigs.

Whatever the reason that this simple, common knowledge gets pushed to the wayside in the search for a flat stomach, you should probably eat more vegetables.


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