How Come Nobody Talks about Alcohol and Weight Loss?

Seriously, what gives?

Nobody bats an eyelash when you get wasted off your bum, however if you so much as sip a diet soda people lose it.

Alcohol is LITERALLY poison. It will LITERALLY kill you if you drink too much of it, and that is not that difficult to do.


For whatever reason though, the general public tends to skim over this yet demonizes everything under the sun from gluten, to sugar to aspartame, to GMOs.

Americans drink A LOT. And I honestly have no idea why it seems that nobody so much as mentions this when it comes to the causes of obesity. Hell, there’s even a term for the physique one gets from hitting the sauce too hard, and too often: a beer gut. But ya know what? It’s probably because of the gluten in the beer. It’s definitely not the tons of empty calories, or the fact that drinking reduces the quality of your sleep, or that being intoxicated inhibits your metabolism, or that you make worse food choices when shitfaced. Nah, probably not any of those things.

All snarkiness aside, what I find so fascinating about this topic is that everyone knows that alcohol in large amounts isn’t good for you. Remember your 21st birthday? Yeah, didn’t think so.  And it’s pretty obvious that drinking lots of beer isn’t the key to weight loss. But instead we seek out snake oil like bulletproof coffee or juice cleanses.

When I pose this as a question, I mean it. I honestly don’t know why nobody talks about this.

I think figuring out the WHY for this phenomenon can elucidate some broader implications of American food culture in general. I want to use this post to open up the discussion. Why on Earth do we ignore the fact that we regularly drink large amounts of what is essentially poison yet ignore its detriments in favor of blaming other things?

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