It’s OK to F@#& Up

We all fuck up from time to time.

Warning: Strong language…Well, stronger than usual

I would actually argue that we all tend to fuck up more often than not. That’s just how life is. We aren’t automatons that can do things perfectly, precisely and efficiently all the time.

bender i know it

I find that most folks who are trying to lose weight are immensely hard on themselves. Which really isn’t surprising considering the amount of pressure placed on people to meet impossible standards.(Photoshop. Need I say more?)

I think forgiving yourself for being human is one of the most important things in progressing in any task, but especially one with as many emotions tied to it as weight loss.

A funny thing happens when you give yourself permission to fail: you end up failing less. Allowing yourself to make mistakes, not only yields the opportunity to learn from them, but also allows you to shrug them off without any emotional investment and continue moving forward. As I’m sure many of you reading this can relate to, the emotional weight of slipping up on your diet can feel crushing. These heavy feelings of guilt often largely contribute to giving up.

Guilt is a really shitty motivator, which is ironic, like rain on your wedding day, because guilt is where many look to for motivation. This is because guilt based motivation feels fucking intense, so it stands out and feels more intuitive. Guilt is super intense, but doesn’t last that long. Herein lies some of the emotions behind the cycle of trying a new diet, feeling guilty when you are inevitably not a robot, and then giving up on the diet until you feel shitty enough to try a different diet.

One slip up isn’t the end of the world. I would say the end of the world would be more likely if we WERE robots, and thus didn’t make mistakes.

Perfection is the enemy of good enough.  As long as you are making an effort to CONSISTENTLY improve a little bit each day(or week or month or whatever), you will reach your goals, but you must be patient and forgiving with yourself.

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