Weekly Fitness Reads: 9/21/15




Experience and the mistakes that come along with it tend to be a pretty damn good teacher. However, if I can get away with expediting some that experience by learning from smart people who have been in the game longer than I have, I will. While mistakes are valuable, I’d prefer to make less of them. This is a 3 part article that has tons of good information and perspective on what you can learn from 20 years of lifting.


Short, concise and to the point, this is an excellent post. Also, note the implication that health and weight loss aren’t inextricably tied together, although they are often related.


There’s quite a bit of anti-science nonsense going around these days. Behind this wave of nonsense is an appeal to the emotions and fear of the individual which, more often than not, overrides rational, critical thinking. This article does an awesome job of dissecting the mechanisms in which fear mongers can capitalize on the fact that we are emotional creatures.

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