Weekly Fitness Reads: 10/12/15


I don’t know if there’s any gym-goer or potential gym-goer who wouldn’t benefit from reading this. No matter what stage of your fitness journey you’re on, this piece will do you good. The gym can in fact be quite the good teacher, that is, if you aren’t falling asleep in class :p


An obsession with health is still an unhealthy obsession. I can relate a lot to the scenarios the author describes here, and I am overjoyed that a mainstream publication like men’s health is printing something like this. The eating disorder, orthorexia, of which this article speaks is very prevalent, especially those knee deep in the fitness industry. I used to have an extreme amount of anxiety about eating “unclean” to the point where I would be a bar with friends and proudly/miserably eat almonds and bananas out of a ziplock I had brought. Fortunately, most of those impulses are in check, but finding balance after that has been an ongoing struggle.


Yes, I know, another piece from Men’s Health. What can I say? Men’s Health has been hitting it out of the park this week. This one answers the ancient question:

Are 500 calories at noon the same as 500 calories at midnight?

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