Weekly Fitness Reads: 10/19/15


This is awesome. I’m a huuuuge fan of Georgie’s work. It’s extremely common to constantly think about food(or to have permafoodbrain as she calls it). Especially here in the U.S. it seems we’re pretty obsessed with being healthy, yet ironically have a very poor track record as far as health goes. I personally think that the way to better physical health is to have healthier relationship with food., which would explain the U.S. health predicament. Building a good relationship with food is no easy task for sure. This concise article suggests some ways to start getting rid of permafoodbrain.


Self-talk is an important aspect of behavior change. Thus, if we are trying to change our dietary behaviors, proper self-talk can be extremely helpful. This is a pretty interesting read on the subject.


The title of this article is amazing, “A Teacher lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but McDonald’s and People are Pissed”. Sounds about right. Gotta love the internet. Enjoy!

I’m currently accepting online coaching clients and I would love to help you lose weight and feel better. Online coaching offers the same accountability, support, and motivation as in person coaching, except you don’t have to be in the same city as me.

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