Weekly Fitness Reads: 10/26/15


When someone is working their ass off day in day out, they should be making progress, right? And if they aren’t, they just aren’t working hard enough, right? Wrong.  

This post speaks to dispel this attitude that is found on the gym floor all too often. This problem isn’t simply a matter of results or no results, this way of thinking can be immensely frustrating. To feel like you’re working harder than anyone else(and you probably are) to no avail can make you feel powerless. Luckily, the answer to this situation does not entail working harder, but working smarter. Read away to know what working smarter looks like.


Being healthy does not necessarily have to be more expensive than being unhealthy. It certainly can be; just step inside a whole foods(note: gluten free-organic-gmo free-brownies are still brownies). If you do it right, and implement certain strategies, changing your diet for the better can be pretty friendly to your bank account. This piece does a great job of showing what “doing it right” looks like. Plus! There’s an offer for a free ebook on the subject!


Obligatory article about why habit based nutrition is better most of the time 🙂

I’m currently accepting online coaching clients and I would love to help you lose weight and feel better! Online coaching offers the same accountability, support, and motivation as in person coaching, except you don’t have to be in the same city as me.

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