Weekly Fitness Reads: 11/2/15


This week you probably read about the World Health Organization report that apparently says bacon causes cancer. At the very least I’m sure you observed some part of the ensuing shitstorm: “Bacon is bad for me?! Whaaaattttt?!?!?!”. First, I highly doubt this report will result in any drop in bacon sales. Second, there are some nuances, as always, that are worth looking into. This article from Examine.com does a great job of explaining what the report ACTUALLY says, albeit without all the fear mongering. That said, regardless of cancer, bacon has never been healthy, and we all knew that i.e. bacon at every meal still probably isn’t a great idea.


In addition to really enjoying Tony Gentilcore’s writing style, his work always gives really solid training wisdom. This one talks about muscle confusion and how it’s not really a thing. This is a topic I hold dear to my heart. Think about it this way, resistance training is a skill and the last thing we want to be when learning a new skill is “confused”. Progress requires consistent practice. Also, this principle also applies to nutrition and any skill we’re hoping to develop.


So I’m obviously a huge proponent of habit based coaching. Building nutrition habits as opposed to white knuckling through a diet is more effective 99% of the time. It’s less stressful and the results end up lasting after the “after picture”. That said, any chance I can get to promote this approach to fitness, I will. Here’s a great piece that serves as a great introduction to how and why we use this approach.

I’m currently accepting online coaching clients and I would love to help you lose weight and feel better! Online coaching offers the same accountability, support, and motivation as in person coaching, and is just all around awesome.

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