2 Exercises To Improve Your Whip/Nae Nae

So here’s the thing, I may or may not actually know what a whip/nae nae is.

And don’t tell me to look it up cause that sounds like waaaayyy too much effort.

Ok, so I don’t know anything about the topic I’m writing about, or so it would seem. However, while I don’t know about whipping or nae naeing, what I do know is that getting better at Squats and Deadlifts gets you better at everything, including but not limited to running, jumping, swimming, climbing, throwing, reading, and shoveling snow without perpetually falling until the end of time.

Any sport or physical activity will be improved by developing a solid base of strength and quality movement in some variation of these two lifts. With that knowledge I can comfortably say that learning to Squat/Dead Dead will help your whip/nae nae.

How can I give the information with such conviction having no flipping idea what a whip/nae nae is? Why are deadlifting and squatting so good at making people good at things?

It all comes down to the hips.

all in the hips

The hips are the center of human movement, so getting stronger hips transfers to stronger performance, pretty much regardless the activity. Squats and Deadlifts are two classic exercises for strengthening the hips.

And that’s not all. Squat and Deadlift variations do this thing where they work essentially every muscle in the body simultaneously. Anybody who thinks squats only work your lower body has never had a heavy bar on their back, and subsequently doesn’t know what it’s like to get stapled in the bottom of a heavy squat attempt. FYI it feels like this.

Strengthening the body as a unit has huge carryover to, well, pretty much everything. This is because, although certain muscles may in fact dominate a movement, it’s the coordination of the body as one piece that produces the complex, efficient, powerful, fluid movement helpful for sports, life, and presumably, a solid whip/nae nae.

This is why I can make this recommendation without knowing the finer points of what makes one excel in the whip/nae nae. This post isn’t really about that though. The point I’m trying to make is that most everyone can benefit from some variation of Squats and Deadlifts. Now, this doesn’t mean that everyone needs to squat and deadlift the same way; bone structure and mobility restrictions can prevent certain variations from being useful to the individual. Thus, we ought to experiment to see what our bodies respond well to, but let’s not overcomplicate things just yet. There will be plenty of time for that.

The takeaway today is that Squats and Deadlifts have a huge carryover to every physical activity I can think of, so we should do them.


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