Weekly Fitness Reads:12/7/15


The gauntlet has been thrown. Apparently kale is bad for you now(aside: kale isn’t actually unhealthy, some raging dickhole just decided it was, most likely to get more clicks). The writing here is top notch, as always, and provides some clarity in an otherwise insane, confusing industry.



We often look to how athletes train(or how we think they train at least) for guidance in how to train ourselves. We see some montage of George St. Pierre training and figure, “Hell, he’s fit as fuck! If I train like him I will be too!”. Everything looks so cutting edge, we can’t help but want to emulate that kind of training, because cutting edge is exciting. While, yes there are definitely some things to learn from how professional athletes train, there are key differences in the training of someone whose livelihood depends on how fast he runs versus someone who wants to look better naked.


Squats are a bit complicated. And while I am perpetually singing the praises of squats and telling everyone that they ought to learn them, I admittedly never really talk about how to do them in this blog. Well, today is your lucky day! Here’s a great article discussing some of the finer and not so fine points of how to squat like a boss.



Now, this isn’t a fitness article, but I liked it so I’m sharing it. So, I’ve been to known to have a sailor’s tongue on more than a few occasions, as you know if you’ve read this far. I felt this was a damn fine defense of swearing.


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