Weekly Fitness Reads: 12/14/15


Showing up is truly the hardest part.


Strength helps with pretty much everything. From fat loss, to helping your college buddy move his furniture, to beating the water temple without busting a capillary– getting stronger makes life easier. The good news is that for most, building strength isn’t super complicated. It may not be easy, but it ain’t complicated.


Admittedly, I decided to share this after the first sentence. I would, however, add one more element to this article. Not giving a fuck is great for fitness goals. However, taken to an extreme this can also be a trap. Being enraptured with fitness goals to the point of social isolation, as I was, is not healthy. It’s a very lonely place to be and I don’t recommend it. That said, it’s definitely worth considering which social norms regarding food are important to us.


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