Weekly Fitness Reads:12/28/15

Ermahgerd! This is the last Weekly Fitness Reads of 2015! I don’t know about you, but I’m excited. My prediction is that 2016 will yield some pretty kick ass content, which I will continue to share with you, the awesome reader. Anyways, hope you enjoy this week’s list!


This was a nice overview and summary of the immensely complicated topic of obesity and genetics. It seems there is certainly a connection between the two, but like everything it’s not cut a dry. A discussion about genetics has nuance. Go figure, right? 😛


I’m pretty much always down for ridiculousness, necesary or otherwise. Ridiculousness worked into an article strength training? I’m in.


Perfection is the natural sworn enemy of success, like goats and chupacabras. Perfectionism is also a very tempting and easy trap to fall into. But there is hope. There are ways to tackle our perfectionist tendencies. In fact, there are at least 8 ways to rid ourselves of the stagnation perfectionism brings.


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