Weekly Fitness Reads:1/3/16

In about an hour I will be on a plane headed for Bangkok. I’m super nervous and excited. So what better way to kill time and calm my super-charged nerves than to share some awesome fitness articles with you! So yes, Weekly Fitness Reads will be a day early this week. It’s my gift to you. Enjoy! Oh yeah, and Happy New Year!


This is how to set goals and crush them. Straight up. Goals can either set us up for success or failure. There are few simple things, that may not be obvious at a glance, that we can do to heighten our chances of the former. If you made an exercise based resolution, you may want to consider implementing the tips in this article.


Lots of different meal plans work, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to make a meal plan work for you. In other words, for a meal plan to be successful, it must be utilized consistently. What can we do to make our healthy behaviors more consistent? Marc Halpern has some ideas.


*Slow clap* That’s all I feel I need to say about this one. Anyways, I got a plane to catch!


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