The FOMO Awakens

I suffer from a debilitating affliction called FOMO(fear of missing out).

So here I am, in Thailand, on this crazy 2 month adventure. I’m having a grand ole time, and everything is going great. I’m doing loads of fun stuff and meeting a bunch of cool people. I’m beyond content.
During my trip I’ve gotten to know other travelers who are also on epic adventures. When I hear about their travels though, something weird happens. I suddenly feel like I’m missing out. Hearing what other’s are doing makes me question my whole trip.

Am I missing out by not going to (insert country name)? Should I have done 3 months? Or a year? Why didn’t I do this earlier in life?

Staying present is vastly difficult even when things are going wonderfully.

Fomo also happens often with folks trying to get fit. They’ll lose 5 pounds and be really happy. Then they hear about how Michael’s wife Sarah lost 10 pounds and will have the sudden urge to scrap their diet and go on a juice cleanse. 

The siren song of the next shiny object is quite tempting. No matter how well we’re doing, what someone else is doing will seem better. Why? Because FOMO.
FOMO pulls us away from the present. We miss out on what’s actually in front of us. Consequently, FOMO prevents us from fully taking advantage of the present. FOMO is a distraction from progress. 

Regardless of how well we’re doing, we feel inadequate. We feel like we could be doing better, like there’s a workout plan or diet that will get better results.

FOMO is the mortal enemy of focus. And to be successful in the long, arduous journey of weight loss we better be focused!

There is always something better. Always. 

What we don’t have will always seem like the silver bullet we’re missing out on. Long term weight loss takes patience and focus.

Fighting FOMO is no easy task. There are entire practices and schools of thought devoted to staying present after all. However, if we stay focused on where we are right now, we will go farther and “miss out” on less. 


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