Self Acceptance and Curry

If there is one thing traveling through Thailand has taught me, it’s to be OK with making mistakes. Traveling is a perfectionist’s nightmare.
Hurling yourself through the landscape of a foreign country entails doing many things you later realize you could have done better.
“Maybe I should have taken the other bus”
“Curry is cheaper at the place next door”
“Maybe I should have booked in advance”
“I probably don’t need god damn skinny jeans in Thailand”
“I should have taken motion sickness pills.”
The list goes on. And it will continue to grow with each passing minute. New terrain means new problems. If I beat myself up for every mistake I’ve made on this trip, I literally wouldn’t get anything done. There are simply so many new things that mistakes become glaringly apparent.
That doesn’t mean I don’t curse under my breath whenever hindsight reveals yet another way I could’ve done things better. All it means is that I move on and not let it make my trip less enjoyable. The weight of perpetual mistakes would feel heavier than a 1 RM deadlift attempt.
As different as life is jumping from hostel to hostel in Southeast Asia, I don’t think I’m making any more mistakes than usual. They’re simply more noticeable because they’re new mistakes with brand new consequences.
We make mistakes constantly yet shrug them off because we are accustomed to the consequences; we tune them out. And then there are the mistakes that we beat ourselves up over.
This isn’t an option when traveling.
Dwelling over the multitude of inevitable mistakes would have me weeping in a corner for a solid two months. As I said, not an option.
Being hard on ourselves for unpreventable mistakes is simply counterproductive. It stifles progress and forward momentum. And when it comes to fat loss, forward momentum is all we need.
So next time time you slip up and eat a cookie, move on. You’re human. New experiences are new. We must expect and plan for mistakes. So relax.
At least you didn’t lose your passport.


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