Putting in the Reps

I still haven’t lifted.

It feels like it’s been ages. Time seems to go about differently here. I’ve only been away a month but it seems like much longer. I have almost forgotten the sound of clanging weights.

I’m not mad about it.

Just under a month ago I wrote on my lack of concern about this. Today though, I want to elaborate on a different aspect.

Will I lose all of my gains?

What happens when you don’t lift for two months essentially living off of street food?

The annoyingly boring answer is of course: it depends.

Think of your gains like a savings account.

Let’s say you’ve only been saving for 3 months so you have 900 dollars saved up. If you decide to go on a two week vacation at this point you’re going to end up in the negative very quickly. You’ll need to pay off your new debt before you start saving again.

Now, let’s say you’ve been saving for 3 years. You now have 10,800 in our savings! Damn! That’s quite the chunk of change. Even if you go crazy and blow 3k on a much needed vacation, you still have almost 8k left over. You haven’t made much of a dent in your financial progress. It’s much easier to make money when you have money. It’ll be easier to re-earn 3k with 7800 in the bank than with a 3k debt.

Lifting works the same way.

The longer you have lifted, the less gains you will lose when you take time off. Or rather, the less consequential they will be. Taking a month off from lifting now, after having years of consistency under my belt, won’t have the same effect as it would had I only been lifting for a few months.

Knowing where we stand with our savings account helps to manage frustration. Frustration leads to quitting. We don’t want that.

Take a trip if you want. Enjoy life. It’s much too short.

But be honest about how many reps you’ve put in. That way when you return to reality, you aren’t blindsided by your billing statement.


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