Welcome to the Jungle

My butt was falling asleep.

I couldn’t even remember how many hours the bus was supposed to take. All I knew is that my left glute was having none of it.

I was getting impatient. It’s easy to get impatient during times like this. 

Then I glanced out the window. 

Swathes of lush green carpeted dramatic mountains that ascended into the clouds. For all I knew, there wasn’t actually any land under the dense greenery. There could have been a fuckin’ sweet dance party going on under the trees and I’d have no way of knowing. So thick was the jungle.

It was stunning.

Here I am getting impatient because I want to hurry up and get to the jungle. Meanwhile..I’m in the damn jungle.

This is actually a different jungle. I didn’t get a good picture of the other one 😦

Something about having a destination takes us out of the present. We become infatuated with a nebulous vision of impending happiness. The jungle is always greener on the other side. Always.

When traveling, you spend a lot of time…well…traveling. That’s kind of the point. But it’s still easy to focus on point B rather than the process.

Being cognisant of this doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. It helps though.

The journey is necessary. There is no way around it. We might as well enjoy the steps we take to get somewhere. When something is enjoyable we become inclined to continue. We persist in going forward. 

We create momentum. To reach a goal, that’s all we really need.


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