Weekly Fitness Reads:02/23/16


One tiny perspective shift can have a huge impact. This peice discusses one such perspective that is all too prevalent. Exercise is not punishment. It’s self care. It’s similiar to dental hygiene. Wait, you don’t sweat a lot when you brush your teeth? It’s just me? Oh…moving on!


A mainstream publication hitting the bullseye about habits and health?! I think I just saw a pig soar past me. I’m impressed. I can only hope accuracy like this becomes more common. As it stands a good mainstream peice on health and fitness is as rare as a shiny Gyrados card. That’s to say very rare and cherished.


I’m a huge fan of the basics. That said, there are some lesson common exercises that have merit. Here are 5 uncommon exercises you ought to try.


Bonus! Quick tip on keeping your back flat during the deadlift.


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