The Bizarre Life of The Parrot Fish

The parrot fish is a weirdo.

The parrot fish isn’t sure whether it’s a fish or a bird. It’s a fish with a lifelong identity crisis.

At night, the vibrantly colored parrot fish sleeps in a bubble of it’s own mucus.

This lovely bubble of phlegm is a defense mechanism. If it swims out, it runs a much greater risk of becoming lunch.

Pretty unorthodox and original. I’d get some weird looks at the campsite if I used my own mucus as a sleeping bag.

That said, this tactic works well for this funky fish.

Standing out from the crowd can feel unpleasant.

Sometimes standing out is exactly where we ought to be. Sometimes the best thing for us is the weirdest thing.

And in case you were wondering how I was going to link fishy spit bubbles to deadlifts, here it is:

The Jefferson Deadlift is basically a spit bubble reincarnated as an awesome exercise.

It will probably get you some weird looks, but if that’s what you need that’s what you need. The lifts entails straddling a barbell and lifting it into your crotch. Not exactly flattering when put in those terms. However, sometimes it’s necessary. This lift has been known to rehab back injuries. The Jefferson is a great option for those who want to keep deadlifting, but are navigating a past or current back injury.

This isn’t the only example. My point is that being perceived as a weirdo can be worth it. At times we ought to throw convention and peer pressure out the window to do what is best for us.

This can mean ordering a salad when everyone is getting pizza*, or doing an unflattering exercise like the Jefferson lift.

Now, obviously going against the herd and dealing with haters expends mental energy. And to build consistency we ought to be stingey with where we spend our mental energy. Making a big bubble of mucus and building a fort from it is exhausting. There are smarter ways of changing our behaviors than white-knuckling through social hurdles so it’s not wise to do this all of the time. But occasionally parrot fishing is worthwhile. Be mindful though and don’t let your mental energy tank get close to empty.

The best thing for us isn’t always what will make us seem the most normal. Sometimes it’s the opposite.

The parrot fish seems to be doing just fine.

*If you feel like eating pizza, go for it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to eat pizza. It’s delicious. However, if you’re only eating it because you don’t want to deal with the wrath judgemental fishies, then maybe take a note from the parrot fish.


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