Weekly Fitness Reads: 2/29/16

In about 24 hours I will be on my way back to the States, setting up a new life in New York City of all places. As sad as I am to leave this magical place called travel-land I’m thrilled to see what challenges and adventures NYC holds. I’m sure one thing New York has is better wifi 🙂 Expect more consistent and frequent posts.

So many good articles this week! My mind is blown. I’m happy to end my last Weekly Fitness Reads in the Philippines which such awesome content.

P.S. The Philippines are amazing!


Perfectionism is the enemy of good enough. When it comes to fitness goals, this sentence may be all you need to turn your “luck” around. However, there times where perfection can exist. Most of the time we just aren’t looking for it. We should look for perfection, rather than achieve it,


The way Georgie Fear answers her reader’s questions is fantastic. Even when the topic is something as complex and difficult as binge eating, her responses provide insight that is both empathetic and informative. Binge eating issues certainly have no easy answers. However, asking for help can make it easier for us to find our own answers.


Clearly a theme going on here this week. Here is what we need to let go of the other kind of perfection, the perfectionist’s perfection.


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