Weekly Fitness Reads (Tuesday edition):3/8/16

How Femur Length Effects Squat Mechanics

Everybody squats differently. We’re all unique snowflakes with differently shaped skeletons. This is HUGE in figuring out how we ought to squat. And squats are awesome. So learning how your squat will look is worth knowing.

Not Afraid of the Big Bad Carb

Food fear. It’s a thing. I know this from experience. We place stigmas on certain foods. For me it was anything that wasn’t “clean”. This fear is beyond simple avoidance. These foods cause intense anxiety and become a driving force in our decisions and relationship with food/ourselves.   

Just Want to Look Good? Why Your Gym Numbers Still Matter

Getting strong makes looking good easier.  Plus strength goals are much easier to measure than looking good. The iron doesn’t lie. It either moves or it doesn’t. Now, you don’t have to be strong to change your physique, but it certainly helps.


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