You’re Not a Car

Our species has learned and adapted to do things no other earthlings can.


Yet we look at ourselves like we’re a damn Ford–a machine meant to do one task. A machine that, when functioning well, does as it’s directed. A car has a very clear definition of how it’s meant to operate and how to make it operate as such.


That’s not us.


We tend to treat ourselves like a used Festiva. This Festiva needs repairs. This Festiva needs fixing. What happens when you fix up a Festiva so that it’s running properly?


It’s still a fucking Festiva.


We’re still not happy with it.


The same happens when we look in the mirror and see nothing but things that need fixing.


A human is not so simple in intellect that we can turn a wrench a few times and be happy with ourselves. It takes more than that.


Oddly enough, to fix ourselves we need to realize we aren’t broken. In an ironic twist of fate, we cannot change ourselves until we accept ourselves as we are.


That means removing judgement and guilt and the “I’m broken” mentality from our psyche.


We don’t treat people well when we’re pissed at them. The same applies to how we treat ourselves. We don’t treat ourselves as well when we harbor negative feelings about ourselves.


And ya know, just because your arms aren’t as toned as you’d like yet doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you. Just sayin’.


To reiterate, we need to accept ourselves as we are before we can change. We can want to change and grow without it coming from a place of self loathing.


Loving oneself(not like that you pervert!) isn’t easy in today’s world. There are, however, some simple and actionable things we can do to get the ball rolling. Given how complex and individual this journey to self love is, today I will leave you with only 2 simple habit ideas you can start right now.


Habit idea # 1: When I look in the mirror I will say “I am not broken” out loud. Then I will say it again until I start to believe it.


Habit Idea # 2: Whenever I look in the mirror and I will find something I like about my body.


P.S.And while I’m on the topic, ya know what really grinds my gears? When people say we should treat ourselves like a Ferrari. For one, a Ferrari is a shit car. They’re meant to drive around slowly in cities and look like they’re designed for performance. Two, we’re not a sports car of any kind. Food is fuel. Sure. We die without it. However, we’re much more nuanced and intricate than a bright red midlife crisis. We have the ability, not only to change and grow, but to decide what fuel we want to consume and why. Fuel is meant to serve one function in a car. With us, fuel has many functions. One time I ate a sweet potato and a salad for Thanksgiving. That meal only sounds absurdly shitty because of Thanksgiving. And while I have some huge beefs with the holiday’s history, not partaking in celebrating a family tradition was unpleasant.i.e. food has huge cultural significance. Oh yeah and french fries taste brilliant. Although not the best fuel for my engine, I’ll be damned if I don’t have some every once in a  while.


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