What Works in Street Fighter Works in Fat Loss

In college I had a crippling addiction to Street Fighter IV.

Oh, how many hours I wasted playing that game! Granted many of those hours were enjoyable. That said, the implication of an addiction is that you do something even when you don’t want to, and to your detriment.

For those of you reading this who aren’t video game nerds as I am. Street Fighter is this game:


The game play really has 3 main skill brackets: button mashing, complex, and really fucking complex.

That’s to say there’s a large learning curve. On the other hand, the barrier to playing the game is extremely low. Pick up a controller and press buttons. After an hour(or a month, in my case) of frustration you can learn to throw a fireball, called a hadouken.

Anybody who played the original as a youth knows the strategy of spamming hadoukens.

  1. Incessantly throw hadoukens
  2. ?
  3. Profit



As annoying as it is, this strategy is damn effective.

This strategy also works for fat loss. Repeating the same basic thing in large quantities gets results.

Once you have some experience under your belt, some more complex combos might be needed. However, we can get pretty far by perpetually throwing hadoukens.

We don’t need anything fancy for fat loss. We need vegetables.

Veggies are fireballs. We also need to lift. That’s the uppercut. Uppercuts are necessary for fat loss but we don’t need them as often as fireballs.



To summarize, we need repetition and consistency. We need to spam fireballs obnoxiously with the occasional uppercut.

As in fat loss, the complicated part lies in implementation.

The button combination and timing to throw fireballs takes a long time to master. Like, a really long time. The poor TV received an absurd amount of swear words in my quest to master hadoukens.

We might know the button combination for vegetables, but it still takes tons of practice to master. But once we figure it out, we simply need to hit down+down-forward+forward+punch over and over and over again.


Sometimes the hadouken lands. Sometimes it doesn’t. However, even when your opponent blocks, you still do some damage.

Persistence is key.

Persistently be a spammy a-hole. It’s not the most exciting way to play, but it’s the easiest way to win.


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