Conan Knows Best

What is best in life?

I don’t agree with the last bit, but I think Arnie might be onto something with the first two points.

“Crush your enemies. See them driven before you.”

Now, to crush our enemies, we must know who they are!

conan the barb

What are our biggest obstacles? What is the BIGGEST thing that is getting in the way of reaching our definition of “being fit”?

We all struggle with fitness at times, myself included. Usually there is one major hurdle that holds us back. We’re complex creatures; it’s never just one thing. However, there is often one obstacle that stands out.

Today I’d like to help you crush a few common enemies.

Here are some examples common enemies and the habits that can help us crush them.

I’m too busy!!

A busy work life doesn’t just take up time. It consumes energy and drains our willpower reserves. This makes building new behaviors tough. However, we can work with this hand we’ve been dealt.

One way to deal with this is do shorter workouts. A solid workout can be done in 15 minutes. Hell, a 5 minute workout is better than nothing. Even a 1 minute workout is amazing relative to a 0 minute workout!

If you don’t have 5 minutes a day, stop dicking around on Facebook. A few minutes here and there adds up. There are plenty of apps that tell you how much time you spend on your phone. I haven’t tried any of these myself so I unfortunately can’t recommend any specifically. Yes, I understand the irony of using an app to learn how much time we waste on our phone.

It’s a hassle to get to the gym

This one’s fairly straightforward. Sign up for a gym that is more convenient, one that you can walk or bike to. The gym that’s far away might be cheaper. However, if we never go because it’s inconvenient, then we’re throwing money away.

Another option is to exercise at home or in a park.

I need someone to keep me accountable

A good accountabili-buddy is an immensely powerful component for fat loss. It might be the most important external factor in determining success. You’re onto something big in recognizing this obstacle.

Humans grow in groups. Always have. That’s why Crossfit is so huge. Say what you will about Crossfit, but they’ve done an amazing job of building community and getting people excited about lifting heavy things.

Now, finding a tribe that lines up with our values and goals isn’t always easy.

How do we find a group of like-minded, supportive individuals to help guide us and hold us accountable?

Luckily some spaces have opened up in my Tribe of Badassery online coaching group. It works like this:

  1. Join Tribe of Badassery
  2. Foster the most awesome version of yourself
  3. Feel confident as fuck in a swimsuit

Spots are extremely limited and I’m only looking for 5 who are ready to make a change today.

To apply, fill out the form and I’ll be in touch if there is space available


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