Weekly Fitness Reads: 3/21/16

9 Fat Loss Mistakes You Don’t Realize You’re Making

I can’t begin to stress how freaking important this is. This whole article is one massive truth bomb. Don’t be fooled by the title. This piece isn’t a bunch of tips like “Swap out rice for shredded cauliflower, because fuck your tastebuds”. These are 9 problems, and solutions, that might be all we need to lose weight and not hate life.

The “Real” vs. “BS” Hip Flexor Stretch

And this is how you actually stretch those tight hips of yours. I emphasize the word “actually” because it’s rare to see a “hip flexor stretch” where the hip flexor is being stretched.

Frog Pumps and Frog Thrusts

Bret Contreras knows glutes. I will shamelessly admit that pretty much everything I know about helping people get bigger butts I stole from him. What can I say, he knows his stuff.


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