Weekly Fitness Reads: 3/28/16

The MOST Common Deadlift Mistake Women Make (And How to Fix It)

So, you’ve probably noticed that I post deadlift articles quite regularly. This is no accident. It’s my favorite lift, and not just because my tallness makes it easier for me than squats. The deadlift is simply an essential movement. Whether you want to get ridiculously strong or be able to pick up your kids no matter how old they get(at 13 I’m guessing they might have a problem with this) the deadlift is the answer. However, it’s not the least complicated lift. And even once we have the basics down, perfecting technique is a good idea.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Meal Planning

Meal planning isn’t necessarily for everyone. But it’s a complete game changer for others. If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend giving it a shot.

Dear Tracy Anderson: STOP

Enough is enough. Tracy Anderson’s nonsense has been going on for way too long. I’ll stop now before this brief blurb becomes a rant.


Oh hey, I also wrote an Ebook that you can download for free. You can get your free copy of Insanity Free Fat Loss: 10 Secrets for Long Term Success here.


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