Canned Fish and Individuality

My friend hates sardines.

He completely abhors them. I don’t get it. I love the little fishies. I think they taste great. Plus, they’re cheap and healthy. Beyond that, they’re insanely convenient.

That said, my buddy reels at the thought. He still gives me shit about recommending them.

“Jeff made me eat sardines. I shall never forgive him”, he says with the utmost disdain. I have to watch my back around him now.


I forced him to do no such thing. I simply said they were cheap, healthy, and delicious. However, only 2 of those things were true for him.

When we read articles that say “10 foods to do this or that”, and we try them and they don’t jive, that doesn’t necessarily mean the article provided bad information. Maybe it just wasn’t a good fit.

This fitness stuff is all new. It’s all a big experiment. If we knew how to do it we would have done it already. Not everything we try will click.

Putting effort into a new behavior and “failing” is frustrating. It’s especially frustrating if we’ve tried millions of different things, and consequently feel stagnant.

A tactic can be still objectively effective, even if it doesn’t work for us.

Is it my friends “fault” that sardines weren’t a good option for him? Does his hatred for sardines(and now myself), and thus the failure to build a habit around them, mean that he’s a failure incapable of eating healthier?

Of course not.

Sardines just weren’t a good recommendation. Sardines didn’t meet his particular needs. Of course I had no way of knowing that.

The internet is full of good ideas. Some of them don’t work for us. Does that mean they don’t work? Does that mean they’re bad ideas? Or that we don’t work?

Hell. Freaking. No!

Fitness can be complicated, especially when considering how complicated life is.

The fact that it’s hard and you’re trying things that don’t work means you’re learning. This is all one big experiment. I repeat myself here because this is important.

The nature of experimentation is that we don’t know what will happen. We’re all figuring this life thing out as we go along.

No one said this was easy. If they did, they’re full of shit.

No one can tell us what will work for us. This can be hard to reconcile.

No one can possibly know what will jive with your lifestyle except you. And even then, there are only educated guesses. There’s no penalty for guessing incorrectly; it’s not wasted time.

Now you know one thing that didn’t work for you at this point in your life.

You’re one step closer.


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