Weekly Fitness Reads: 4/11/16

Nutrition Non-Negotiables: How to Have Your Cake and Be Healthy, Too

I love, love, looooovve this concept. There is absolutely no reason to forego everything that makes food enjoyable. Sure, there are some things we may have to moderate, but that doesn’t mean we need to give up everything that isn’t “clean” or diet friendly. Choose your battles wisely my friends.

Strength Training is Fat Loss Training

Truth bomb. Strength training will do more for building a lean, toned physique than any amount of cardio. Deal with it.

Lunge Exercise: 2 Ways to Maximize Glute Recruitment

Lunges are a great tool for building a great bum. That said, not all lunge techniques are created equal in this regard. Here we learn 2 simple ways to get more butt for your buck (bang for your butt? Ehhh …probably not. Well, maybe.)


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