Getting Back In The Fitness Game After Time Off

My workouts are feeling dismal these days.

I started lifting again last week. I haven’t touched a weight in 3 months save for one or two random instances in the Philippines.

As for structured strength training, I’ve been out of the game for a while. I definitely can’t lift as much as I used to.


It’s not easy getting back into the old routine. Everything feels off. Your brain and your body aren’t on the same level. The brain says, “Fuck yeah I can do that!”. The body’s like, “What a stupid thing to think!”

It’s frustrating. It feels like all your hard work has gone down the tubes. Like you’ve backtracked.

These feelings, while totally valid, don’t accurately represent the reality of our progress.

We NEVER start from square one. We can’t.

Our past experiences will always be there. 

All of the mistakes, all of the lessons, all of the successes always provide the psychological and physiological backdrop for “getting back on the wagon”.

That said, there is no stupid wagon. It’s just you and your path.

Maybe you lift weights on your path, maybe you don’t. Either way you’re still on your path. Georgie Fear says, “the wagon symbolizes perfection”. I couldn’t agree more. There’s no wagon because perfection doesn’t exist.

There’s no single a-ha moment where you figure everything out and it’s smooth sailing from there on out.

This shit’s hard and you WILL learn to navigate the diverse and difficult terrain that comprises your fitness journey. You aren’t off the path because you’re struggling. The obstacles ARE the path.

I compare fat loss to climbing a mountain. A wagon is poor way to climb a mountain.

Remember how long it took the first time. It’ll go faster this time around, but be patient. In weightlifting, not checking the ego can be dangerous. Respect the iron and the time off you took. There is only one speed to move forward at, and that’s whatever speed will build momentum you can maintain.

Be patient. Accept where you’re at.

Does it feel sucky maxing out on a weight that used to be a warm up? Of course. But if I fool myself into thinking I’m as strong as I was, I’m going to hurt myself and be out of the game again.

And the last thing I want is to take 3 months off and not even get a vacation out of it.


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