Simple Tricks to Make Hard Things Easier

We waste a lot of time.

Like,  A LOT of time.

We accumulate wasted time in tiny little segments throughout our day, throughout our week,  month etc.

time travel

Now we are busy. This isn’t an illusion by any stretch. But often times we’re not as busy as we think.

My theory is that we waste time to cope with the stress of feeling perpetually busy. Or maybe we only have 5 minutes free, which is enough time to go on Facebook, but doesn’t seem like enough time to crack into a novel, or learn a language, or look for good chicken recipes .

Either way those 5 minute space-outs add up.

Most of the time we aren’t even aware we’re doing it. I can safely say I constantly find myself compulsively opening Facebook.

This is just one more example of how our brains put us on autopilot, and the effect this can have.

Time management isn’t the only area where this happens, but it’s an easy example because Math.

There are small easinesses (yes, it’s a word. I looked it up) that make this time wastage so fluid. When Netflix automatically goes to the next episode my decision becomes much easier. There almost is no decision.

Now, if we have to actually click on the episode to watch it, we have a greater likelihood of stopping at some point and maybe actually going outside and taking out the damn garbage.

Convenience is king.

As far as fitness is concerned, I see two ways to make life easier.

One is to remove a barrier to a desired behavior. For example, keeping pre-chopped vegetables in the house, making them more convenient to cook.

The second is to create a barrier to a behavior I’d like to get rid of. For example, not buying the Costco size bag of Twix, and downsizing to a 2 or 3 bar package.

Manufacturing hurdles for ourselves can be a great way to reinforce proper time allocation and healthy habits.

Here are just a few ideas:

-Always sign out of Facebook/Gmail/Instagram etc.

-Don’t keep junk food in the house. Have the ice cream, just don’t keep a pint of glorious -Phish Food in the house at all times.

-Delete time wasting/unnecessary apps from your phone.

-Don’t keep your credit card on file for GrubHub(This one would have saved me a few hundred bucks had I thought of it sooner)

These are just a few inconveniences I’ve found helpful.

What are your ideas? I, and anyone reading this, would love to hear them.  Your idea could help someone, so don’t be shy and leave your idea(s) in the comments 🙂


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